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The true Art of arboriculture is in the finest details normally carried out when pruning trees as apposed to removing them.

Pruning is one of the most skilled and time consuming tasks undertaken by an arborist. Tree Surgeons that advertise Topping' or Lopping' are far from professionals in our eyes. When done properly to a high standard tree pruning is very specialised and has excellent outcomes.


This is a good example of very poor tree pruning, a lovely cherry tree now ruined by someone that probably has little or no tree knowledge or pruning expertise.

Scroll down to see some of our specialist tree pruning.

Horse Chestnut
Before 2-4 Metre Reduction__edited.jpg

This Customer came to us concerned after a large branch had snapped out of their tree in bad weather. This lead us down the route of a reduction

 of approximately 4-5 metres, to reduce wind stress and help to minimise the risk of branch failure in the future whilst still maintaining a lovely natural shape.

After 2-4 Metre Reduction_edited_edited.
Before a 1.5-2.5M Reduction

This Customer came to us with concerns that the tree was growing 'Out of control' so our approach was to

 reduce the tree by 2-3 metres to manage the trees size and stop it encroaching on their house and neighbouring property.

After a 1.5-2.5M Reduction
Purple Plum

This Customer came to us with their tree taking too much light and felt that the tree had become to big for the small front lawn, We decided to reduce the tree by 2-3 metres to manage the trees size and to allow more light into the front lounge and garden below.


This customer came to us wanting their eucalyptus tree to have bit of TLC so we gave it a reduction of 2 metres to manage the trees evergrowing crown and we crown lifted the roadside to 5.2metres to give adequate clearance for passing vehicles on the road.


This customer came to us wanting our opinion on their pear tree we decided to give it a light reduction of 1 metre to maintain its size in a small garden and to allow more light to pass onto the garden below.


This customer came to us wanting this sycamore reduced in size so thats exactly what we did. We gave the tree a crown reduction of 2 metres to keep the size in proportion to the garden and increase the trees appearance to aid in the sale of the property.


This customer came to us wanting and said if this was your tree what would you do? So we did exactly that, the tree had a crown thin, reduction and deadwood to reduce the potential for limb failure and to allow more light and air to pass onto the garden below.


This customer came to us wanting their cherry tree reduced in size as it was outgrowing its planted position so we gave it a crown reduction of 2-3 metres to reduce its size.

Victoria Plum

This customer came to us wanting to be able to reach the victoria plums a lot easier. We decided to give the tree a height reduction of 0.5 metres and a light crown thin along with removing any deadwood giving this lovely plum tree a prosperous future.

Liquid Amber

This customer came to us wanting their young Liquid amber  tree to have some TLC, we chose to give it a subtle crown lift along with a 0.5 metre crown reduction to keep it in check.


the art of pruning

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