What we do?

How things work at rooted tree surgery is simple.

Come to us with your thoughts, problems and your reasons of what and why you want to do, to your tree or garden.

We will then give you our professional outlook on the scenario and steer you into the best possible solution. Whether it may be a form of tree pruning, or whether removing the tree is the best route we will be honest and transparent.

Tree Removal

Removal of the whole tree down to a specific height.

Pruning Techniques

Crown Lifting

Removal of the lowest branches to lift the crown of the tree

Crown Thinning

Removal of internal branches within the crown of the tree.

Crown Reduction

a reduction in size of the whole crown of the tree.

Crown Cleaning

Removal of all deadwood and hazard branches within the crown of the tree.

vegetation clearance

Clearance of a building site, overgrown garden or patch of land.

Additional Services

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